TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13TH, 2016. MY SITE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND ALMOST READY YAY! What is this site? Erotic Hypnosis and Phone Sex! I'm such a perfectionist that I must have most of my content available before I make my site truly "live," and there is SOOOO much! :P
Contact me ~ how to get my inductions / questions / requests / email is DESEREEIS2HOT@YAHOO.COM

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If you stumbled onto my webpage by accident, read on OR FREE AUDIO MP3 SAMPLES BELOW! A fortunate mistake for you! You will be so happy that you stayed because I am AMAZING!! Sexy, brainy, imaginative, seductive, captivating, calculating... I'm "CLASSY NOT TRASHY." You will find that EVERYTHING on my website is of the utmost & highest quality. BECAUSE I take extreme pride and passion in who I am and everything that I do. A COMPLETE PERFECTIONIST & NARCISSIST. Make sure to bookmark and check back soon!

This mp3 is non sexual - it is your GUIDE to be allowed the pleasure and honor to get to know this unquestionally unrivalled superior female DOMINATRIX Goddess Deseree!